bag essentials!

hello and welcome back to my blog!


to celebrate this gorgeous new bag i recently got from longchamp, i thought i would show you all what i usually keep in my bag.


  • my hand sanitizer: always got to make sure to keep those hands clean!


  • my eos hand lotion: because hand sanitizer can dry out your skin, make sure to moisturize after! also, the amazing cucumber smell doesn’t hurt.


  • my eos lip balm: in the cold canadian weather, chapped lips are almost a given. too keep my lips moisturized i use the summer sorbet lip balm.


  • my headphones: i’ve got to be able to jam out someway, right?


  • a mophie charging phone case: the worst days are when you really need your phone for something and it’s dead. at school especially, there is always someone looking for a charger or an outlet, but this just goes on as a case and charges my phone as i use it, which is perfect if you are on-the-go!



  • my camera: i don’t always take this specific camera, but whether it’s my phone or this ol’ thing, i love to have something that can capture beautiful moments – they can be found at the oddest times 🙂


  • my wallet: it’s all about the money (but actually it’s all about my library card)


  • a book: preferably a classic. just because literature cures boredom.



  • my shades: mostly because i’m just hoping there will be sunshine.


  • some water: gotta keep hydrated! and stay eco-friendly 🙂


  • a snack: most of the time, it’s a chocolate snack. every gal gets hungry sometimes!


that is what’s usually in my bag. what’s in yours? let me know in the comments!


stay brainy and stay beautiful!

xo, miss brainy.


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