my new YouTube channel

hi guys! so, a couple weeks ago i started a youtube channel! i posted my first video here: and it is called “Just 78 Cents – A Spoken Word Poem // miss brainy.”

it is a poem i wrote about the gender pay gap, and i put the words down below if you want to read them! check out the video, give it a thumbs and subscribe 🙂




I had a dream the other day/

That men and women were treated in the same way/

That all genders had equal rights/

That no one put up a fuss or fight/


And then, I opened my eyes/

And I heard all the cries/

The cries of those treated with injustice/

And some courage I mustered/


To tell you through my words of rhyme/

Because frankly, it’s about damn time/

It’s about time for us to take a stand/

About time for every man to have the same rights as every wo-man/


Because the only difference I see is the prefix wo-/

And woe is me because I born this way so/

So with a clear mind take a step back/

Woah, how crazy is that?/


We’re all people and we are all human/

Those are just facts and they are all true, man/

You still ask me why I’m upset/

Because you have all the facts and yet/


It’s not fair, it’s not/


And you say Sahara, don’t at look at quantity/

But I can’t help give attention to this monstrosity/

That is 78 cents/

As of right now, women are getting 78 cents for every man’s dollar/

Now, to all my ladies, doesn’t that make you want to holler?/


Because I want to scream and shout and maybe even cry/

Twenty-two cents difference, can someone tell me why/

Why they are oppressing us for no absolute reason/

To our own human race, it’s like cheating, like treason/


And I know, I know, it’s not always about equality/

But yet, something is still bothering me/

Because even if this was about equity/

We gotta hold up, slow down, someone call a referee/


To level up the playing field/

Because this gap is way too real/

But still you believe in all these lies/

And you say there’s nothing wrong with our lives/


You know what’s wrong?/

That girls around the world can’t get an education/

That I am considered a lesser being in some nations/


And one of these nations is our very own/

Glorious and free, the land we call home/

But how can I be free when I have to depend on a man?/

And when something isn’t good enough unless it comes from his hand/


So yes, I am angry, and yes, we need change/

Because surely such an imbalance could be called strange/

But of course, I am the one that is called odd/

For bringing up our society that is oh-so-flawed/


But don’t worry they say, the world will come around/

Hush, sit still, don’t make a sound/

A lady would never dare speak her mind/

And everything will just get better with time/


Be quiet, when you’re older this will all make sense/

Don’t you worry, it’s just 78 cents/


hope you liked it!


stay brainy and stay beautiful!

xo, miss brainy.


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