how to catch yourself a prince

here’s an essay that i wrote a little while back for school! i entered it in a writing competition and got first place junior essay so i wanted to share it with you guys! here it is:


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How to Catch Yourself a Prince

Let me teach you how to fall in love. Now you may be wondering “How can a fourteen year old girl who has never been in love teach ME how to fall in love?” I may have never been in love, but I pride myself on being a Disney princess movie connoisseur, and Disney princesses always fall in love with a prince, right?

Okay, so maybe I can’t teach you how to fall in love. But I can teach you how to catch yourself a prince.

Let us start off our in-depth examination with a classic, The Little Mermaid. Based off of a story originally written by Hans Christian Andersen, this movie is about a young mermaid princess who falls in love with a human prince.

What is step number one in catching a prince? NEVER BE YOURSELF.

Now, I know you have heard many quotes and stories about always being yourself, but you have got it all wrong! The young Princess Ariel teaches us that giving up her mermaid tail and pretending to be human obviously made Prince Eric fall in love with her. He was so infatuated; he even killed a sea witch to be with her. Okay, you might not get that lucky. If so, proceed onto step two.

Step two in catching yourself a prince is: WEAR NICE SHOES.

Do you think Prince Charming would have gone after Cinderella if she left him a stinky pair of Adidas running shoes? No! I would advise you to buy a nice pair of heels (preferably a size bigger) and you know what, write your phone number on the inside while you’re at it! Trust me, it’ll help you later on. Another thing Ol’ Cindy teaches us is with a little “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”, anyone can look nice! Make sure that you always look great for your prince, because love is truly only about materialistic things.

Last but not least, we have the blockbuster hit that seemed to go on for almost three years (oh wait – it did!): FROZEN. This movie tells the story about… two sisters? And their love for each other? Hold on; is there even a prince in this one? No? This is a Disney movie right?

Apparently, the main message of this movie is that the love of two sisters surpasses any other bond. Love for your family is more important than love for some handsome royalty from the Southern Isles. Oh, that’s actually kind of sweet isn’t it?

I guess step number three is: LET IT GO.

Elsa is telling you to ditch the prince, because girl, you are a queen. So forget the loser, and buy yourself a castle.

If all else fails, well reindeers are better than people anyways.


hope you liked it!


stay brainy and stay beautiful!

xo, miss brainy.


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