so, a couple days ago i heard people talking about me behind my back. and then this morning, i received rude comments on my blog and my youtube channel.

yeah, i was that girl.

and to be frank, it felt like crap. i know that not everyone is going to like me, but it still made me feel horrible.

i was also extremely confused. maybe it’s just because i’m being very innocent, but i can’t imagine why you would want to be mean to someone.

what have i done to you? 

the problem isn’t that people are being mean, it’s that these people know me. they have met me and known me for a long time, and yet they chose to say these things. i try to be a nice person, and i don’t ever do anything with malicious intentions.

so why pick on me? why? 

i’m not trying to complain, or play the victim, i’m just honestly curious.

and at one point, i found myself crying in the bathroom stall at school.

again, i was that girl.

but one of my best friends told me that if i let these people get to me, they win. if i am affected, they win. so i’m not going to let them win again.

one of my favourite songs is rise by selena gomez, and it’s means a lot to me because the lyrics explain that you can always rise above the anger, or the sadness, or the hate.

and so i choose to win. i choose to rise.

how are you going to rise? let me know in the comments below!

stay brainy and stay beautiful!

xo, miss brainy.


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