new year, new me?

happy new year and welcome to 2017 everyone!

i love the prospect of a new year because it really gives an opportunity and a push to get organized! or maybe it’s just the idea of new stationary… let’s go with the first one, okay?


even though i believe that you can make a change at any point of the year, new year’s is a good excuse to make some resolutions! and what better place to put them than on my blog, where i can go back to them instead of a piece of paper that will probably get thrown away?

however, resolutions are kinda useless if you just type out words without a plan, so not only am i putting down my goals but also a step by step process on how i’m going to achieve them.

here are my 2017 resolutions:

  • POST MORE ON THIS BLOG – i’m going to do this by setting reminders on my phone and writing posts beforehand!
  • DRINK MORE WATER – i’m going to do this by having a certain amount of water that i have to do drink by a certain time
  • CONSUME LESS SUGAR – i’m going to do this by choosing water instead of juice or soda, and by limiting myself to one sweet thing every night!

so those are my resolutions! i hope you have a happy new year 🙂


what are your resolutions? let me know in the comments below!

stay brainy and stay beautiful!

xo, miss brainy.


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