an excerpt from ‘almost adulting’ by arden rose:

“Go easy on yourself and your body. You only get one of these flesh bags to keep you going in life, and you should give it a break. It’s gotten you this far! Take a minute to find some things that you really love about yourself, and give them a good old-fashioned compliment.”

first, i loved this book and would greatly recommend it. it’s a quick, funny and enlightening read that enhanced my perspective on life in general.

second, arden – i’m gonna have to follow your advice. so here it goes:

  1. to my hair: you are always incredibly tangled (a testament to my laziness) and never seem to look how i want it. i appreciate your individuality and the (very rare) good days we have shared. you have potential, something my hairdressing skills lack.
  2. to my eyes, or rather, the attention-grabbing frames that take up half of my face, my glasses: the majority of people say i look better without you, but i would not trade you for the world. you have survived many scary falls and persevered when i sat on you. thank you for being so, utterly and completely, me.
  3. to my nails: thank you for being able to grow so long without breaking. you make my ordinary hands look *very* cool. you’re like nails that a really pretty hand model would dream of. in short, keep doing you. you’re nailing it (i’m sorry for that pun).
  4. to my crazy, beautiful mind: you’re insane. like actually. you have no traceable patterns, know way too many disney lyrics and not enough algebra equations. you can creepily quote every movie ever and are full of too many emotions and a ton of anxiety but you’re what makes me who i am. we haven’t collapsed yet, buddy, and we don’t plan to anytime soon. we’re on a roll!


that is the end of this blog post! i challenge all of you to compliment parts of yourself that you love.


stay brainy and stay beautiful!


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.01.43 PM



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