my comeback video!

check the actual video out:

lyrics to this poem

hi guys it’s miss brainy, who’s been missing in action/
she said she would post every monday, but i guess she’s not to good at subtraction/
cuz you’ve missed a few, you haven’t been very brainy/
but it’s been eight weeks and no one seems to be complaining/
don’t start dissing me yet, i have a reason/
i’ve been really busy, it was exam season/
and then there was a wedding that lasted a week long/
so i have a life, is that so wrong?/
all i’m hearing is excuses, excuses/
looks like you hit 100 subscribers and then said deuces/
now you’re at 117 and you’ve lost your drive/
probably why your channel is barely alive/
okay i see your point there/
it sure seems like i don’t really care/
the truth is i lost my motivation/
i forgot how fun it was to make a creation/
is that why you wrote this mix between a poem and a diss track?/
you’re joking, this can’t be your come back/
well, can you think of any other ideas or thoughts/
how about one where we build robots/
where we do a DIY/
okay stop saying no, can’t you see i’m trying to try/
that’s the problem with my anxiety/
i’m always wondering about the thoughts of society/
so i’m trying to make this video perfect/
and i hope all of this editing i did was worth it/
you know what, it’s not half bad/
almost as good as the one you filmed with your mom and your dad/
i think i can say it without wanting to cry/
hey everyone, make sure to like and subscribe/
miss brainy is back and here to stay/
so stay brainy, stay beautiful and have a wonderful day/


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