my love is a blizzard // poem



people say love is fire

yet i want my love to be snow
i want it to flutter down
into your life
onto your cheeks
soft and sweet
until it covers everything you know
in a blanket of white
i want you to breathe in the cold
take a drink and let it envelop you
i want you to slip and slide
lose your balance
i want you to fall
into piles of it
and make yourself wings
i want it to be light
it will fall lightly and lovely
and remind you of dusting sugar
so much so
that you want to taste it
on the tip of your tongue
i want it to blur your vision
until it is all you can see
for miles and miles
in the silence of a storm
love is warm, yes
heartwarming, yes
burning, yes
but my love is not the flames
you stoke on a cold winter’s day
my love is a blizzard
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.01.43 PM

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