a thought from relay for life

june 1st, 2018:

so i’m lying an old blanket that covers the grass, hat on my head, eyes closed, the sun almost burning my legs. my friends are nearby. i can hear them chattering amongst each other, but i’m too tired to sit up and join the conversation or watch them play soccer on the field. but that’s okay. because they’re there. they’re there and i can hear their laughter as sleep beckons me into her arms and it’s comforting and loving and makes the warmth of summer feel even warmer. and every little while, one of them will ask me how i’m feeling and i’ll pout and say that everything hurts and they don’t sigh or roll their eyes or do anything that makes me feel like the burden i think i am. they give me a reassuring smile. tell me everything will be okay. they bring me food and water and tell me to sit in the shade and pull me up to dance and yell out the song lyrics with me and do their best to make me smile even when i feel like a complete mess. so as the sun set yesterday and the ten hour relay was over, i wanted to capture that feeling of warmth and never let it go.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.01.43 PM


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