i am poet, hear me roar


Hear me whisper
Hear me think of 10 ways to describe the way he kissed her
Without using the word “kiss”
I am poet
Hear me scream
Hear my shout into the abyss
As I fall to my doom
And even after I lose my voice, I will still yell
In case someone just might hear
I am poet
Watch me crumble
Watch me fall and break apart right in front of your eyes
And then watch me put myself back together
And write a damn poem about it
I am poet
Hear my cries
Hear my lies
Hear my attempts and my tries at normalcy
Because I’ve tried to stop but the words just keep coming
I am poet
And I will listen
And I will snap
And I will clap and cheer and whistle
Because truer words have never been spoken
Because we are siblings
Bound by words
By oaths unkept, by promises forgotten, by love lost
The type of love you once compared to a river but you can’t remember why anymore
Because our love is fire, and our pens are matches
Watch our hearts burn like paper
And in this room
The hearts pounding are all broken ones
But we are still pumping to the same beat
Because we are the underdogs and the overachievers
The liars and the cheaters
The do-gooders and the comebacks
And we are coming back
This is the revolution
Welcome to the dawn of a new generation
We’re the people who write in discarded journals
Lines scratched on cheap napkins
Hastily typed in our iPhone notes
Just to get our feelings out
My breaths are rhymes
And my blood is made of metaphors
So like a sacrificial poet, I spill red onto the page
We are poets
We take our pain and mold them into stanzas of determination
We take our love and we turn it into beautiful landscapes
We take our heartbreak and laugh in the face of it, as if nothing were funnier
I am poet, hear me roar
Because I could not be prouder to be here and to be heard.
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