happiness feels warm

september 28th, 2017:

i’m walking home and it’s autumn, my favourite season. the leaves crunch under my feet, the winds sifts through my hair – i am content. i’m doing well in my classes, i’m editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, i’m not particularly stressed about anything.

i know i am a broken, though. a glass with a chip, an abandoned house with shattered windows in the cold of the winter.
but today, there is a fire inside of me. i can feel the flames licking my stomach. people come to warm themselves by the hearth, this house has become a home to many lovely souls.
so i sit. i warm my hands by the fire, the chill of the air cuts through me but it doesn’t matter. i am whole, i am filled with joy to the brim. and as i feel the heat of the fire on my face, i think of the days when the flames are extinguished.
this won’t last, i say, fires can go out with a flicker.
but i won’t despair. i will make fires, i tell myself, i will burn down forests in the blink of an eye.
so i do.
and to think, i didn’t know i had a box of matches beside me the whole time.
– happiness feels warm’
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.01.43 PM

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