i miss paris

if it wasn’t obvious from my instagram, i miss paris. every since i was eight years old, i’ve dreamed about visiting and last august we finally got to go! we were only there for less than 48 hours, but i made the most of every minute. so here are my favourite memories from paris. i should be studying for my french exam, but this is basically the same thing (right?!)



the moment we stepped out of the airport and into a cab, it began to rain. though gloomy, it was already the paris of my dreams.


we thought we only had a couple hours before our next flight (date mix-up) so we went to go see the eiffel tower at 2 a.m. as mentioned, it was raining and the drops created this sparkle effect on my camera that makes it look even more magical.

we went to a café near trocadèro, which is a viewpoint to see the eiffel tower. i got pasta and the most delicious chocolat chaud i’ve ever tasted!



as a side note, paris has the prettiest architecture and the most beautiful streets i have ever seen.

we saw all of the famous landmarks!


and i had this divine mango gelato from a bookstore called shakespeare and company (would def recommend if you are a book nerd!) that is right beside notre dame.

we also went to canal st. martin, which is not that popular but it was a nice change to walk alongside the bright, colourful boutiques and the quiet canal. also, if you are in the area, maria luisa has the best pizza in the universe!


for dinner, we went to a halal burger place called BUTCHER! delicious food and really cool vibe.


we ended the day by watching the sunset at the eiffel tower. i would suggest to bring blankets and something to sit on (!!) but we made it work 😉


and finally, we got the exact moment we were waiting for – the eiffel tower lighting up. it was gorgeous. 

that was our day in paris! hope you enjoyed this post and i really should get back to studying now 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.01.43 PM


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